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President's Table IV Sake Night
Matsugawa Restaurant, Pines Club (2nd Floor)

Dear Members

Thank you once again for your overwhelming support. Before the day is through yesterday, we already hit our proposed maximum of 24 pax. In view of the overwhelming support, I have contacted the restaurant that they have kindly agreed to expand the event to 40 pax. This is the maximum that the restaurant can seat and they cannot expand this further.

As such, I have now expanded this event to 40 pax and as of now, we only have 8 seats left. If you are still thinking if you would like to join us for this event, be quick and reserve your seats before everything is sold out.

Our Society is trying something different. Our members are very familiar with dinners being paired with wines all along. However, the influence of Japanese Cuisine has gained popularity here and I believe many of our members have enjoyed their Japanese fare alongside with sake and beer. Therefore, for the very first time, our Society is going to have our own Japanese fare and with the help of some friends who are major importers of Japanese Sake in Singapore, they are going to attempt a pairing of the Japanese Cuisine with different sake for our enjoyment. And in keeping with the good ol' Japanese tradition of such dinners, the event will kick off with the provision of Japanese Beer as an aperitif, followed by a sumptuous Japanese dinner specially prepared by our Executive Chef Ian Ong from the Matsugawa, Pines Club, with different sake being paired with each and every course.

This event is extremely good value, so don't even ponder or think about it … just reply immediately to reserve your seats, if sake and Japanese food is to your liking or is something that you would love to experience.

The Society …
President's Table IV – Sake Night

Date: 3rd September 2010 (Friday)
Venue: Matsugawa Restaurant, Pines Club (2nd Floor)
Time: 7.30pm (Reception), 8.15pm (Dinner)

Price: Member (S$130.00)
Dress Code: Smart Casual

Limited to 40 pax
Bookings and reservations: Please email: CT Chen at ctchen@acieslaw.com
PLEASE NOTE: Reservations WILL NOT be considered confirmed unless the Booking Form together with Payment
is received by 30th August 2010.

Sake Selection:


Yososaku Daiginjo Yamadanishiki
(Niigata Prefecture)


The name comes from Yososaku Obata, the founder of Obata Brewery.
This sake is made from Yamada-nishiki, the highest quality sake rice.
It has a wonderful pear fragrance soft honey-laced aromas and slightly dry with well-rounded balance.

Grade : Daiginjo
Rice : Yamadanishiki
Seimaibuai : 40%
SMV : +5.5
Alcohol : 16.5%


Kasugayama Ten-to-chi.bmp

Kasugayama Ten-To-Chi
(Niigata Prefecture)


A distinctive flavor with a clear and dry taste. Refreshing aroma with good length. Goes well with pork and other meat dishes. Drank chilled or nuru-kan.

Grade : Junmai Ginjo
Rice : Koshitanrei
Seimaibuai : 60%
SMV : +5
Alcohol : 16%


Manotsuru Dry Junmai
(Nagano Prefecture)


One of the driest Junmai in Japan. Light and smooth with a slight taste of rice.

Grade : Junmai
Rice : Gohyakumangoku, Koshiibuki
Seimaibuai : 60%
SMV : +16
Alcohol : 15.5%

Fukugen ginjoshu with gold

Fukugen Junmai Ginjoshu with gold flakes
(Nagano Prefecture)


Suitable as an aperitif. One that people drinks to celebrate a special occasion.  Medium dry with a smooth flavor. A classic for a ginjo.

Grade : Ginjo
Rice : Hitogokochu
Seimaibuai : 59%
SMV : -3
Alcohol : 15%

Fukugen Junmaishu


Fukugen Junmaishu genshu
(Nagano Prefecture)



Won first prize in the National Sake Competition in 2006. A classic with a light and medium, mild taste.  A slight tinge of fruitiness making it refreshing in its own way.


Grade : Junmaishu
Rice : Hitogokochu
Seimaibuai : 59%
SMV : ±0
Alcohol : 14%



Aumont Ginjo
(Niigata Prefecture)



Grade : Ginjo
Rice : Koshitanrei
Seimaibuai : 50%
SMV : +11
Alcohol : 15-16%

Aumont honjozo


Aumont Honjozo


Grade : Honjozo
Rice : gohyakumangoku
Seimaibuai : 60%
SMV : +8
Alcohol : 15%



Fukugen Junmai Ginjo with Gold Flakes


(Onsen Tamago with Truffle Sauce)
Aumont Honjozo


(Mixed Sashimi)
Fukugen Junmaishu


(Crayfish with Mentai Sauce)
Manotsuru Karakuchi Junmai


(Yasai Kakiage with Kudamono)
Aumont Ginjo


(Salmon Fin)
Kasugayama Ten To Chi Junmai Ginjo

CT Chen
IWFS of Singapore



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