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The 2009 National Day Dinner
Restaurant La Brezza
(St Regis Hotel, Poolside. 29 Tanglin Road)

It is my absolute pleasure to present to you our Event for the month of May 2009, brought to you by Joyce and Hsien Min, in conjunction with Crystal Wines. For the first time, we will be featuring the very best of Thai Cuisine, paired with wines from Domaine Huet of the Loire Valley.

Please place your reservations quickly as this event is bound to be very well received and we regretfully are unable to increase the numbers limited for this event due to space and wine constraints.

Domaine Huet @ KHA

The River Loire, the longest river in France and the last wild river in western Europe - owing to the absence of large dams and the natural capriciousness of its water levels - is also the spine of one of the open secrets in the world of wine. Blessed with a great climate, the length of the Loire valley is so naturally lush and fruitful that it is known as the Jardin de la France (the Garden of France). It is blessed with a variety of terroirs, between the Paris Basin and the Massif Armoricain, which support as many grape varieties as in the Rhone or Alsace. Chief among all these grapes is Pineau de la Loire, more commonly known as Chenin Blanc, after the Clos de Mont-Chenin in Touraine. Here, the union of Chenin with the terroir and climate is capable of producing some of the most thrilling, complex and sublime white wines in the world.
Vouvray dominates the landscape of Loire Chenin as no other appellation can. Savennières and its crus may make more intellectually challenging wines, and the crus of Coteaux du Layon may offer more honeyed depth, but Vouvray is capable of great wines over the whole range of Chenin, from bone dry through to sweet, with sparkling thrown in for good measure. These are wines of balance, rich with white flowers and hay and mineral from the tuffeau soils overlaid with limestone. And at the pinnacle of Vouvray: Domaine Huet.
Domaine Huet's history is not as long as its standing in Vouvray. It was created only in 1928 when Victor Huet moved from Paris to the countryside with the intention of taking up forestry, but the house that they purchased came along with three hectares of vines, the Haut-Lieu ("high place") vineyard, and a new calling was born. The original vineyard, Le Haut-Lieu, consists of very deep brown clay mixed in with limestone. According to the estate, this rather heavy soil produces supple wines, which are more easily approachable than the other two. Le Mont, in constrast, sits by the slopes of the Loire, and the soil is pebbly and studded with green-coloured clay and silica, lending the wines a greater elegance. By popular regard, Clos du Bourg, a walled vineyard located above the church in Vouvray, produces the most powerful and structured wine, as the rather thin soil gives way after one metre to the limestone, through which the vines have to struggle.
No less than Jancis Robinson has praised the Domaine for "extremely careful selection in the vineyard..., very pure fruit, no new small oak, no malolactic fermentation and considerable bottle age - in short the very opposite of modern wine orthodoxy... All Huet Vouvrays last and last and are seriously underpriced."
Come discover the wines of Domaine Huet for yourself, paired with the refined and elegant modern Thai cuisine of KHA when the society proudly presents...

Domaine Huet Méthode Traditionnelle Brut - Vouvray Mousseux 2001
DOMAINE HUET Le Haut-Lieu sec 2007
DOMAINE HUET Le Mont sec 2007
DOMAINE HUET Clos du Bourg Sec 2007
DOMAINE HUET Le Haut-Lieu demi-sec 2007
DOMAINE HUET Le Mont demi-sec 2006
DOMAINE HUET Clos du Bourg Moelleux 2007
DOMAINE HUET Le Haut Lieu Moelleux 1989

KHA @ 33 Hyderabad Road, HORT Park
(Voted Best New Restaurant and Top 50 Restaurants and Bars in Time Out, July 2008)

Kha is located in Singapore’s Hort Park, and has an ideal combination of interior and alfresco dining. The interiors of Kha are by Wei Tan of Suite Interior Design – who has created a delightful juxtaposition between modern and rustic, infusing natural finishes and Thai touches with chic glossy surfaces. High gloss dark wood walls are softened with rustic teak flooring and raw cement surfaces, all to exude relaxation and natural elegance. To highlight the interiors, custom made flower pendant lights in a black glossy and mirror finish create a focal point in the restaurant.
Diners at Kha can expect modern Thai culinary delights from a unique new menu designed by award-winning chef Matthew Lawdorn. Through most of his career he has worked at restaurants which saluted Thai and other Asian cuisines, including the renowned Ezard restaurant in Melbourne.
Working and traveling through Asia with Teage Ezard, Matthew developed a passion for Thailand and its food. He has an insatiable passion for food and produce from the street wise and market culture of Thailand, making regular trips there to refresh and further develop his knowledge of local ingredients and authentic Thai cuisine. At Kha, Matthew has brought together a kitchen brigade of five highly experienced and regionally diverse Thai nationals, two of who honed their skills at the Dream Hotel restaurant in Bangkok. Together they discuss the foods of their childhood, the role food plays within their families culture and from that create modern Thai interpretations that are respectful of their history and authentic cultural nuances.

Date: 30 May 2008 (Saturday)
Location: KHA @ Hort Park, 33 Hyderabad Road
Time: Cocktail at 7:30pm Dinner at 8:15pm
Attire: Smart Casual
Members: $110 per person
Guests: $120 per person

Event strictly limited to 30 pax ONLY
(Note: Due to space and wine constraints,
this limited number of participants CANNOT BE INCREASED)
Bookings and reservations: Please email: C T Chen at ctchen@acieslaw.com for reservations.
PLEASE NOTE: Reservations WILL NOT be considered confirmed unless the Booking Form together with Payment
is received by 25th May 2009.

Menu Selection:

We are indeed honoured that Mr. Mathew Lawdorn, the Executive Chef of
KHA @ Hort Park, has created a very special menu
for this event. [See attached Folder]






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