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President’s Dinner 2009
Marina Mandarin, Singapore
Please visit our Web Gallery for the highlights of this event.

It gives me great pleasure to announce to you our Event of the Year … our very own President’s Dinner 2009, which will be held at the Marina Mandarin, Singapore on Saturday, the 12th December 2009.

Come dressed in your very best for our very special annual bash and you can look forward to tasting the very best of the cuisine that Chef Carlo Marengoni and his team of chefs has specially created for us to savour.

We will be putting together 2 very special flights of wines from the ‘80s for you enjoyment and delight. You will get to compare the subtleties and difference of the Chateau Troplong Mondot 1985 v. Chateau Troplong Mondot 1988, as well as get to taste and savour the exquisite Chateau Cheval Blanc 1986.

This is one wine dinner that is sure to please even the most stringent of the wine and food critics … and the Society thus proudly

President’s Dinner 2009

Date: December 12th, 2009 (Saturday)
Venue: Marina Mandarin, Singapore
Room: Libra & Gemini Ballroom (1st Floor)
Time: 7.30pm (Reception), 8.15pm (Dinner)

Price: Member (S$250) Guest (S$290)
Dress Code: Black Tie

Limited to 60 pax
Bookings and reservations: Please email: C T Chen at ctchen@acieslaw.com for reservations.
PLEASE NOTE: Reservations WILL NOT be considered confirmed unless the Booking Form together with Payment
is received by 7th December 2009.

Menu Selection:

We are indeed honoured that Chef Carlo Marengoni and his team of chefs of
Ristorante Bologna at the Marina Mandarin has kindly created two very special menus
for this event. Therefore, please reply with menu preference.
[See attached Folder]
* Non indication will be assumed preference for Meat Menu *
*For vegetarians, a special menu can be arranged upon request.

Wine Selection:

Graham Beck Blanc de Blanc (Aperitif)
Champagne Duval Leroy 150 Cuvee
Domain Chandon de Brialles Savigny Laviere 1990
Vieux Chateau Certan (Pomerol) 1997
Chateau Troplong Mondot 1985
Chateau Troplong Mondot 1988
Chateau Cheval Blanc 1986
Clos Baudoin Moelleux 1990




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