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Nite-Out @ New Ubin Seafood (B.Y.O.B.)
Block 27 Sin Ming Road (Behind Block 26)

It’s unprecedented and it’s NEW! It’s our new experiment!

First and foremost, allow me to assure all of you that this has got nothing to do with “belt-tightening” measures to be taken in the light of the current financial turmoil that we are experiencing.

This has everything to do with having fun and letting your hair down with full casual interaction with good members and good friends over, what else but good food and equally good wines that has been sitting there in your own cellars all these time, waiting for the right time for it to be shared with goods friends who will be able appreciate and savour it.

At the initiative of your Vice-President, we have arranged for a special 10-course Seafood dinner to be served by one of the best “value-for-money” seafood restaurant in Singapore. The format of this event is simple. We have arranged for the Restaurant to provide every person with 2 wine glasses (1 for red wines and 1 for white wines). Anybody who feels that he/she needs more glasses than that for the dinner is welcome to bring your own.

Every person who is attending the dinner is required to bring along at least 1 bottle of wine that you would like to share with your friends and the other members. (We suggest that the value of the bottle of wine be about $50 to $70, but if you are feeling kind of generous, you will always be welcomed). No holds barred – bring any wine that you think will go well with the food and that you feel you and your friends will certainly enjoy drinking. It’s time for partying … it’s time for fostering friendship … it’s time for sharing … with the holiday season so close at hand.

Come by yourselves or better still, form your own table of members/friends and have a whale of a time together … and who knows, it may well turn out to be a very memorable event.

As I have earlier said, this is new. It has never been done before and we will gauge the members’ response to this event to see if such event will ever be repeated. So, if you think that this is a GOOD IDEA, then let us have your show of support and the Committee will definitely love to present more of such special dinner deals to all of our wonderful members.

The Society proudly
Nite-Out @ New Ubin Seafood

Date: November 27th 2008 (Thursday)
Address: Block 27 Sin Ming Road (Behind Block 26), S’pore 575680
(Air-conditioned section)
[See attached Map]
Time: 8:00 pm (Dinner)

Price: Member / Guest (S$38)
Dress Code: Casual

Limited to 50 pax strictly (space constraint)
(5 tables of 10 pax)
Bookings and reservations: Please email: C T Chen at ctchen@acieslaw.com for reservations.
PLEASE NOTE: Reservations WILL NOT be considered confirmed unless the Booking Form together with Payment
is received by 24th November 2008.

Menu Selection:

A Special and Super Value 10 Course Seafood Dinner
Has been specially prepared for a fun-filled evening
Of Good Food, Good Wines and Excellent Company




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