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Gusto 2003 Dinner
This event proved to be our largest and most significant wine function of the year. About 60 Italian winemakers and winery representatives were in Singapore on the 8th and 9th of February 2003 to present their wines. Each of them brought between 4 to 8 wines to showcase at the tasting event, which was held over two days. The first day’s tasting was exclusively for people in the wine trade, as well as for members of the IWFSS. The second day was opened to the paying public.

The culmination was the Gusto 2003 Dinner, an IWFSS organized event where an amazing 55 wines were served. Each winery donated a case of their best wines for the dinner, and there were so many wines that even with 190 members and guests in attendance, the dinner had to be divided into three sections, each being served with their own list of about 20 wines. All 55 wines were also placed on the side, so that those who were not sufficiently inebriated could help themselves to the wines which they were not served. Moreover, the event was not just about quantity. The quality of the wines were very impressive as well, and many members were very pleased with what they tasted. It was certainly a memorable night of great wine, food, fellowship and wine education.



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